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How can you help?


We are struggling to find foster homes and have to turn down animals that can be re-homed...If you can or know someone who could foster a dog or cat for a couple of weeks/months...Fostering a rescue could be for any thing from one night to six months.


Contact us at to find out how you can get involved. 


Thanks !!!


Save a stray. Adopt!

There are many animals living on the streets that deserve a good home. Instead of buying an animal from a breeder or the pet souq / shop, consider adopting an animal that is more in need of your love and care. 


Spay and neuter your pet.

In a country with so many animals already needing stable loving homes, the last thing we need are more stray kittens and puppies looking for homes! 


Feeling generous?

Spay and neuter a stray. Take them down to the government clinic and have them sterilized for free!


Give a helping hand.

Donate or help out with one of your local animal rescue groups. They are understaffed and functioning on donations and a shoestring budget. They need all the help they can get.


Donate old towels and blankets to your local veterinary clinics and/or animal shelter.


Tell your friends. Discuss animal welfare issues with family and friends. We have all the resources we need to help rescue strays in our community, we just need more friends like you to help spread the word.


Help stop the trade of animals. Don't buy or sell your pet. An animal is a part of your family and not a commodity. 


Animal rescue groups are stretched thin for space and resources. Try not to dump another animal on the hard working volunteers if you can help them by re-homing that animal yourself. Ask your friends and colleagues to help you put out the word about the wonderful cat or dog you are fostering. If you are unable to foster, ask friends to help you find a foster home.


Have all vaccinations and blood tests required to travel ready and up to date in case you suddenly need to leave the country. This way, you won't be struggling to find a new home for your pet on very short notice. 


DONATIONS can be made towards our Vet bills.




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