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Virtual adoption.
A nice way to do something extra for a shelter or for a special dog, is long-distance or virtual adoption.

This can be realized from 5 euros a month.

Needless to say the real costs per month for a dog are much higher.

So if you would like to donate a higher monthly contribution that would be very welcome indeed!

Your name will be mentioned on the website with a picture of the dog you are supporting financially.

Of course we will keep you informed of how the dog is doing.

All our dogs can be adopted virtually.

It goes without saying that the ultimate goal is to find a good home for each dog.

Should your virtually adopted dog find a home of its own and is actually adopted, you will be informed of this right away.

We hope you will then choose another dog to adopt financially, as all dogs need your support very much.

Account number :
BE 177350 3304 1521


Pay Pall Account :



How to adopt a dog from a distance ?


Send us an email at and we are more then happy to give you more information.


 LARRISA is our first dog that is being sponsored monthly by Ellen Bastiaans - Beckers for € 10,00 per month 

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