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Necessary medical procedures, prior to adoption

Our dogs will be neutered before they will be able to be adopted out....this to make sure our dogs will not be used for breeding!


Because our dogs have gone through enough, many of them had a rough start in life and

need a home where they can be part of a family-life.

All our dogs will all undergo a medical check-up when we rescue them and if found healthy

they will be vaccinated, de-wormed and Micro-chipped. They will be tested for several

diseases before being put up for adoption.

As Qatar is NOT part of the Pet Passport Scheme, we have to do a RATT-test, which is the

rabies blood-test..... for European Countries. This means that our dogs CANNOT travel

until 3 months after their blood has been drawn.....
As Qatar does not have an approved Lab, we have to sent the blood-sample to the UK

to have the RATT-test done.....

Please keep this in mind when you like to adopt one of our Rescue Saluki`s.....

This doesn`t apply for the States.....ONLY European Countries.

Thank you for reading this .....

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